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     My name is Casey Gray.   I am a wife, and a mother of two amazing children whom were not easy to come by!  My husband and I tried for many years and suffered the loss of our first child about halfway through my pregnancy. , Finally we were blessed with our daughter, Aurora and later a son, Jack.  I believe our struggles is why God has led me down this path of newborn photography, and why my love for it is so strong! 

     The first time I picked up my camera, it was after a very bad experience with a large "mall type" photography studio.  I had left in tears, feeling like a failure of a mother because I could not afford the expensive packages, and felt horrible knowing they were going to discard so many adorable pictures of my little girl because the package I could afford was the ever so popular, "One pose for "this many" sheets for $39.99".  I had hoped to purchase a large print for above our sofa.  A 16x20 print which wasn't even as large as I would have liked, was $250, way out of my price range.   I felt defeated.    Later that week I took my then 6 month old little girl, a white backdrop, and all the things she loved at the time and we spent the afternoon taking pictures.    I was by no means a professional, but the end result didn’t matter. I had so much love for that little girl, and she was so happy surrounded by her mommy and beloved toys, that the pictures just gleamed with the emotion we felt that day.   I was hooked. 

     Now, almost 10 years later, I am still hooked.   While that day so long ago is still fresh in my mind, even fresher are the memories of watching so many babies grow into toddlers, women into wonderful mothers, strong men into soft and nurturing fathers.   It is a privilege that I am thankful for every day.    As your photographer, I want to create breathtaking photographs of your little ones without ever making you feel like I had to that day in the mall studio.  I strive to be affordable to most moms, and I will not make you pick which images you get possession of (although I hope to make it hard to decide which to hang on your wall!).  

     While my business takes up most of my time, when I am not busy shooting and editing, I love hanging out with my family on our small farm.   We have a zoo on our few acres and wouldn't have it any other way.  It's our little piece of paradise.    


© 2015 Color in the Gray Photography 

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